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Our mission is to help people live pain-free lives.

We research chronic pain and provides real solutions, therapies, courses, and workshops to help people understand their pain. We help them and their spouses take steps that reduce the frequency and severity of pain.

Wrestling with Pain

We know that Chronic Pain can be debilitating. Although often unrelated to a medical condition, the pain is perceived, real, persistent, and can be seen in the MRI. Pain can be visceral or somatic, nociceptive or neuropathic, and deeply affects lives.

Freedom from pain
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Real Progress for your Pain

Painful conditions such as fibromyalgia, lower back problems, rheumatoid arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, and cancer may be eased by gentle movement and massage. Pain is often deeply ingrained in the brain’s physical but plastic structures. It can best be treated with behavioral therapy. Exercise can reduce the production of cytokines, which play a role in inflammation and pain. Opiates and other medication use, over time, exasperates the pain.

We are at the forefront of bringing a new treatment program to the U.S. called Systolic Extinction Training, or SET. It is not a pharmaceutical, but rather a novel approach designed to avoid the downsides of medication. Although invented at UNC, it is currently being tested with patients in Germany at the University of Marburg and other Universities. Early results are very promising and Kleinklein is working closely with the team to expand the therapy and trials into the United States. We also provides courses, advice, equipment, videos, and other support to underserved populations such as senior citizens and people undergoing physical rehabilitation.

Testimonials from Trial Program Patients

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